Energy efficient, cost-saving radiant heaters

Types of Infrared Heaters

High Intensity Infrared Luminous Heaters (orange glow)

If the heater glows orange its considered high intensity. 

In gas fired heaters this orange surface is usually a porous ceramic tile (rayhead or burner assembly).  This surface is heated to temperatures of 1350°F or above, emitting a large concentration of infrared energy that can be directed anywhere you need heat. High-intensity infrared gas heaters typically operate unvented, so your space will need proper ventilation to dissipate combustion gasses that are released.

Electric High Intensity heaters operate using the same principles.  The heating surface consists of “quartz elements” that glow orange when powered by electricity.  An added benefit to using electric infrared is that there are no combustion gasses to be ventilated.

Infrared Space Heaters

Infrared Patio Heaters

Electric Infrared Heaters

Infrared space heaters are best for buildings with high ceilings and areas where there is a high demand for heat loads, such as loading docks or bay areas.

Patio heaters are used to provide indoor and outdoor spot heating to restaurant patios, decks, and vestibules.

Electric infrared heaters produce heat by running an electric current through a high-resistance element. They are commonly used in areas where gas is impractical or unavailable.

Low Intensity Infrared Radiant Tube Heaters

Low intensity infrared, a flame is ignited within an exchanger (coated tubing), heating it to temperatures below 1350°F and emitting infrared energy. This energy is directed through reflectors to the floor level and absorbed by people and objects in its path. The burner/combustion end produces more heat than the exhaust end, but our well-designed units minimize this temperature difference.

Forced-Draft Systems (Push)

A forced-draft system (push tube system) operates under a positive pressure, pushing the products of combustion through the length of the exchanger tubes. This type of infrared heater is easy to service and install because all components are housed in one compartment. When compared to other tube-heater types, push-tube heaters offer a variety of production, installation and operating benefits.

Multiple-Burner Vacuum System (Pull)

Multiple-burner vacuum systems operate under negative pressure. A powerful vacuum exhauster pump pulls combustion products through various runs of radiant exchanger tubing. This type of heater is used where minimal building penetrations are required, or if extended vent runs are necessary.