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Description: Center Panel Assembly for DTH(S) Series 40-100 MBH only. Converts to a DTH(S)-2 Series.
Primary Category: Tube Heaters
Sub Category: Electrical Components
Technical Notes: Consists of center panel, fan, N.O. pressure switch, N.C. pressure switch and hose fittings. Used to replace center panel assembly.
Manufacturer: Detroit Radiant
Also Referred to As: N / A
Other Part # TP-CPA2, CPA-2, CPA2
Used On: DTH, DTHS (-2)
Gas Type: N / A
Voltage: N / A
Replace With: N / A
Similar Looking Parts: TP-CPA-3
Availability: Special Order from the Factory
Ship Via: UPS
– RELATED LINKS – TP-36NKIT (natural gas) TP-36PKIT (propane gas)

Caution: You may be spending time and money repairing an old, obsolete heater. Many parts are no longer available.

The TP-CPA-2 replaces the inducer fan and two pressure switches.  However, the gas valve “TP-36” is still obsolete.  It can be replaced with the TP-36NKIT which includes the gas valve, wiring harness and control board.

It is labor intensive to change all of the parts out.  We recommend purchasing a new burner control box or an entire new heater.  The newer heaters are more efficient and have replaceable parts.

Installation Manual