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DTH (Mfg 11/86 & Prior) Tube Heater Parts

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DTH Series

Part DescriptionOriginal
Part Number

Part Number

Burner – Normally open air switchTP-61TP-CPA-2
Exhaust – Normally closed air switchTP-60TP-CPA-2
Radiant SensorTP-64TP-64
Ignition DeviceTP-50TP-50
Natural Gas RegulatorTP-33TP-33
LP Gas RegulatorTP-33PTP-33P
Natural Gas ValveTP-36TP-36NKIT
LP Gas ValveTP-36PTP-36PKIT
Burner HousingTP-42TP-42
16″ Burner TubeTP-6ATP-6A
1st 10 Ft Tube*
10 Ft Reflector (All except first 10 ft)TP-20B**TP-20B**


* 20 ft. “U” tubes are no longer available (NLA). Consult the factory. Use titanium coated tubes if uncertain about combustion chamber requirements. Also see TP-109 for 5′ replacement sections.   All radiant tubes for models shown above are coated aluminized steel (TP-26A”, DB-207″).

** The first 10 Ft. section of reflector differs from the remaining 10 Ft. downstream sections of reflector.
Use TP-20A for the first 10 Ft. Section of reflector and TP-20B for the remaining sections.