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DTH(S)-2 125, 150 MBH (Mfg 1988-1989) Tube Heater Parts

DTHS Installation Manual

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Part DescriptionOriginal
Part Number

Part Number

Burner – Normally Open Air SwitchTP-61BTP-264B
Exhaust – Normally Closed Air SwitchTP-60DTP-60D
Radiant SensorTP-64TP-64
Circuit BoardTP-77TP-78D & TP-390**
Wire HarnessTP-78BTP-78B
Ignition DeviceTP-50TP-50
Natural Gas ValveTP-36A or TP-36BTP-107 or TP-79***
LP Gas ValveTP-36CTP-107P***
Burner HousingTP-42TP-42
16″ Burner TubeTP-6ATP-6A
Combustion Chamber1TP-8D or TP-26BTP-8D or TP-26B
Radiant TubesTP-26ATP-26A
10 Ft. Highly Polished Aluminum Reflector Section2,3TP-20A or TP-20CTP-20A or TP-20C
Downstream Reflector Sections (DTH only)2TP-20BTP-20B

**  When replacing the original (discontinued) TP-77 circuit board, the replacement is TP-78D circuit board, TP-390 adapter, TP-78B Harness and New Valve are required.

*** Replace a TP-36A w/ TP-107, TP-36B w/ TP-79 & TP-36C w/ TP-107P, you must also replace the circuit board.  Consult factory.

1  Refers to the first 10′ section of tubing downstream of burner.  Select the TP-8D for use with DTH Series, select the TP-26B for use with the DTHS Series.

  The first 10 Ft. section of reflector differs from the remaining 10 Ft. downstream sections of reflector (for theDTH Series model only.)  Use TP-20A for the first 10 Ft. Section of reflector and TP-20B for the remaining sections.

3  Use TP-20C for DTHS Series models.