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DX3 (Mfg 10/12 – 07/14) Tube Heater Parts

DX3 Series lnsert

DX3 Series

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Part Number

Part Number

Air Pressure SwitchSee
Pressure Switch
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Pressure Switch
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Circuit BoardTP-351A1TP-351A1
Wire HarnessTP-352ATP-352A
Terminal BlockTP-329TP-329
Ignition DeviceTP-50TP-50A
50-100 MBH Low Stainless Steel Burner (Natural Gas only)TP-3070TP-3072
50-100 MBH Low Stainless Steel Burner (LP Gas only)TP-200ATP-3072
125-150 MBH Mid Stainless Steel Burner (Nat & LP Gas)TP-201BTP-201B
175-200 MBH High Stainless Steel Burner (Nat & LP Gas)TP-3071TP-201B
Natural Gas ValveTP-3040TP-3040
LP Gas ValveTP-3041TP-3041
120V Yellow Operational Indicator LightTP-328TP-328
Flame RodTP-222TP-222
16″ TubeTP-3080ATP-3380
Combustion Chamber2, 50-125 MBH (Coated Aluminized Steel)TP-26ATP-26A
Combustion Chamber2, 150-200 MBH (Titanium Coated Steel)TP-26BTP-26B
Combustion Chamber2, 75-150 MBH (409 Stainless Steel)TP-26ETP-26E
Radiant Tubes (Coated Aluminized Steel)TP-26ATP-26A
Radiant Tubes (304 Stainless Steel)TP-26DTP-26D
10 Ft. Highly Polished Aluminum Reflector Section3TP-20CTP-20C

1 125MBH will use TP-3072 and 150MBH will use TP-201B.

2 Refers to the first 10′ section of tubing downstream of burner.

3 Models with stainless steel upgrades require TP-20D 10 Ft. Reflector Sections.

BTU/H Range (x1000)5065-75100-125150-200
Part NumberTP-264ETP-264DTP-1264ATP-264F
X-Ref., IS220--216051F5169-20051F5170-25051F5127-35051F5132
Normal SettingOpenOpenOpenOpen