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XTS (Mfg 08/99 – 05/03) Tube Heater Parts

XTS Series lnsert

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 XTS Series

Part DescriptionOriginal
Part Number

Part Number

Air Pressure SwitchSee
Pressure Switch
Chart Below
Pressure Switch
Chart Below
Circuit BoardTP-78A
Wire HarnessTP-215ATP-352A
Relay (Note: this factory installed option is not on all units)TP-1325TP-1325
Ignition DeviceTP-50TP-50
50-100 MBH BurnerTP-200ATP-200A
125-175 MBH BurnerTP-201TP-201B
Natural Gas ValveTP-209TP-240
LP Gas ValveTP-209PTP-241
Flame RodTP-222TP-222
16″ Burner TubeTP-202TP-380
Combustion Chamber2, 50-125 MBH (Coated Aluminized Steel)TP-26ATP-26A
Combustion Chamber2, 150-175 MBH (Titanium Coated Steel)TP-26BTP-26B
Combustion Chamber2, 75-150 MBH (409 Stainless Steel)TP-26ETP-26E
Radiant TubesTP-26CTP-26C
10 Ft. Highly Polished Aluminum Reflector Section

1   Use TP-390 adaptor to attach replacement board TP-351A to original harness TP-215A

2  Refers to the first 10′ section of tubing downstream of burner.


BTU/H Range (x1000)50-100125-150175
Switch 13Part NumberTP-264BTP-61DTP-61D
X-Ref., PPS10069-IS2-2551-2551
Normal SettingOpenOpenOpen
P. S. Tube SetTP-AK3TP-AK3TP-AK3
Switch 23Part NumberTP-260FTP-260FTP-60G
X-Ref., PPS10070-IS2IS2-2554
Normal SettingClosedClosedClosed
P. S. Tube SetTP-AK4TP-AK4TP-AK4

3 Pressure switch #1 is electrically first in series, and pressure switch #2 is second in series.