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Spark Pilot: Model NSPI-8


The NSPI-8 Series was manufactured between 1979-1999 and is now obsolete.  Many parts for this series are “NLA” (no longer available).   We strongly suggest you retire this heater and upgrade to the modern NFS-2 Series.  Contact us for details.


Part DescriptionOriginal
Part Number

Part Number

Combination Gas Valve, Natural Gas (25V)36E36-210NLA
Combination Gas Valve, Natural Gas (120V)36E36A-210NLA
Pilot Flame Detector Switch 3049-41NLA
Pilot BurnerF10-1 F10-1
Pilot Orifice, Natural Gas69-2068Consult Factory
Pilot Regulator, Natural Gas RV 12-6Consult Factory
Pilot Spark Elctrode w/ Ignition Wire760-668 760-668
Pilot Spark Circuit BoardMARK 6-25NLA
Pilot Spark Circuit BoardMARK 6-120 NLA

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