Energy efficient, cost-saving radiant heaters

Benefits of Infrared Heating

Fuel Savings

Fuel-efficient heaters for industrial and commercial use were available long before we understood the importance of the environment. However, gas-fired infrared heaters offer a more robust solution to design, build and operate facilities that are ecologically friendly.

Radiant heat thermostats provide comfortable temperatures at the ground level while set 5°F to 10°F lower than hot-air systems, resulting in lower fuel costs. On average, infrared heaters can save from 23% to 50%.

Two-stage technology can reduce energy costs by another 12%, allowing faster heat-loss recovery, improved comfort and a significant reduction in equipment cycles.

Our customers have cost savings of up to 62% over traditional heating methods.


Infrared heaters are well suited for a wide range of applications

Low-intensity heaters can be installed vented or unvented, and bring in outside air for combustion, if necessary. They are typically installed where total area heat is required or can be configured for the space. They provide maximum flexibility in heater placement, directing heat where it’s needed most so everyone stays comfortable.

Properly designed, tube heaters are effective in commercial, industrial, outdoor, agricultural, residential and spot heat applications. In addition, two-stage heaters provide enhanced comfort levels and perform to the demands of the space. The two-stage operation allows for faster heat recoveries, design flexibility and improved comfort levels.

Plus, get clearance to combustibles data for tube heaters at a 20-ft. mark downstream of the burner. This allows for added flexibility in the heating system’s design and application.