Energy efficient, cost-saving radiant heaters

Electric Infrared Heaters

Re-Verber-Ray® electric infrared heaters are the cleanest method of heating – taking nothing from the air and adding nothing to it.

Our line of high-intensity electric heaters is the answer when gas and ventilation is not available or practical. Electric infrared heaters produce quiet, clean, even, energy-efficient heat in a compact, aesthetically pleasing construction.

Medium & Short-Wave Electric Heaters

ELX Series

Interchangeable Element Electric Infrared Space Heater

  • Single, double or triple construction.
  • Produces both infrared heat and visible light.
  • Lower clearances.

DSS Series

Medium-Wave Electric Infrared Space Heater

  • IP55 Design for Outdoor Use
  • Remote Control with 4 Power Settings
  • High Efficiency Carbon Lamps
  • Compact, Slim Design

DGS Series

Filtered Short-Wave Electric Infrared Space Heater

  • Custom designed reflector.
  • High-end quality and compact, aesthetic design.
  • IP55 weatherproof.
  • High-capacity range.

BAH Series

Medium-Wave Electric Infrared Space Heater

  • Pollution free – No venting required.
  • Produces virtually instant heat.
  • Clean and quiet operation.