Energy efficient, cost-saving radiant heaters

LS3 Series Tube Heater (Manufactured 12/13 to 10/16)

LS Series lnsert

Common Components

Part Description Original
Part Number

Part Number

Pressure Switch Assembly (25MBH and 30MBH)TP-3160TP-3160
Pressure Switch Assembly (40MBH and 50MBH)TP-3161TP-3161
Circuit BoardTP-851CTP-851C
Wire HarnessTP-3252TP-3252
Ignition DeviceTP-3050TP-3050
25-50MBH BurnerTP-1070ATP-1070A
Natural Gas ValveTP-1040TP-1040
Propane Gas ValveTP-1041TP-1041
24V Yellow Indicator LightTP-828TP-828
24V Green Indicator LightTP-1428TP-1428
Flame RodTP-222TP-222
Thermal FuseTP-1033TP-1033
16″ Burner TubeTP-3380TP-3380
Combustion ChamberConsult FactoryConsult Factory
Radiant TubesConsult FactoryConsult Factory
10 ft. Reflector SectionTP-20CTP-20C
5 ft. Reflector SectionTP-112TP-112