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Description: Replaces the TP-36 (WR 25K) Valve.

Kit consists of:

Primary Category: Tube Heaters
Sub Category: Electrical Components
Technical Notes: NOTE: The external regulator (TP-33) must be removed when utilizing this kit.The external sensor will no longer be utilized for flame sensing. Disconnect the electrical wires, but do NOT remove the sensor from the tube. THIS KIT IS NOT FOR GAS CONVERSION!
Used On: DTH, DTHS
Gas Type: Natural
Voltage: 120V
Similar Looking Parts: TP-36PKIT
Availability: Special Order from the Factory
Ship Via: UPS


Caution:? You may be spending time and money repairing an old, obsolete heater.? Many parts are no longer available.

The TP-36NKIT includes the gas valve, wiring harness and control board.  However the inducer fan and two pressure switches are obsolete and can not be replaced individually.  To upgrade/repair the rest of the burner box you will need the TP-CPA-2 (40-100 MBH) or TP-CPA-3 (125-150 MBH).  The TP-CPA kit replaces the inducer fan and two pressure switches.

It is labor intensive to change all of the parts out.  We recommend purchasing a new burner control box or an entire new heater.  The newer heaters are more efficient and have replaceable parts